Thrifty Thursday- first edition

I love a good deal and my favorite stores ever are stores like Gabriel Brothers, the thrift store, Ollies, etc. I just loving going somewhere and finding something that would have cost me $100 and getting it for $20 0r $4.

My first thrifty thursday and the beginning inspiration for these hopefully weekly posts was…

my trip to the Tower Hill Clothing Sale 2 thursdays ago (my hubby told me to keep this “honey hole” (what we call a really good place to find cheap stuff) to myself… but I am sharing it with the world)

So you delawarians out there- don’t steal all the good deals!  At the Tower Hill School, there is a clothing sale on Thursday from 8-3pm- and it was awesome… check out my delightful finds. I think the keens are the best deal by far!  Apparently rich moms don’t know about outdoor gear :)

For $21 hard earned $$$- I got…

JCrew ruffly shirt $5, Gap pocket sweater $2.50, Patagonia Sweatshirt $10… and the best is down below…

These Keens for $4

(if you don’t know these shoes retail for $95)

So who is in for next thursday??


~ by katemorgner on February 4, 2010.

One Response to “Thrifty Thursday- first edition”

  1. Oh how I miss Gabes! I wish I could join you next week – maybe at some point on a Thurs…
    You should have J do a guest blog for Thrifty Thursdays since he is the king of thriftiness!

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