love embroidery pillows

I finished these pillows today in the snow/state of emergency!  They were so fun… and I was happy to get them done by the big v-day!  I have tons more snow day projects that I will post this week.  I loved making pillow and I have never cross stitched before- but it was so fun!  I can’t wait to make more pillows!

The one quote is from a song from our wedding.  I have another one in the making but my embroidery hoop broke… and in the state of emergency I could not get out of the house to get a new one this week.


~ by katemorgner on February 12, 2010.

9 Responses to “love embroidery pillows”

  1. I LOVE CROSS STITCHING!!!!! ok, i guess if i’m being honest, i haven’t actually done it in 10+ years BUT i used to love it. i think i love that it actually lacks the creative element- in some ways there is still really a right and wrong way to do it, ya know?

  2. those pillows turned out great! love the trim. hooray for snow days :]

  3. Those pillows look awesome! Great job! Okay, have you been sewing a long time or just started? I got one for free a couple of months ago and I am so intimidated to start using it.

    • Hi Beth- I just saw your blog and added it to my reader! I have sewn growing up but I just got a sewing machine for Christmas and so I am sewing away! Loving it!

  4. Love it Kate! I think you should post a play by play on how you did it. I need a Snowed-in-weekend-with-Kate so bad!

  5. kate! beautiful! have you seen this blog? lots of neat embroidery!

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