Thrifty Thursday Tres

My first guest post from…. my husband- J.  He is super thrifty… so he is going to do a guest post!

The thrift store. I would go to one anywhere anytime. I would go everyday if I didn’t think that was WAY overboard. I got started at a young age, my mom took us to the thrift store to find items we were only going to use once, or needed for costumes, etc. I HATED it then. Really. In high school I continued to go for costumes for spirit day at school, or a football game. It was different this time. I started to notice that there was some pretty good stuff there, come college I was hooked! So much good stuff, so cheap. The love affair continued right up to my move to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Land of old rich retired people waiting to die and give there expensive garments to the Goodwill or the Bazaar (a hospital consignment shop). In no particular order, here are my Top 10 finds to get you, the reader, excited about hitting the thrift store:

10. Burberry Navy Blazer

9. 1st ed. Peter & Wendy (the book on which Peter Pan was Based)

8. Brioni Dress Shirt

7. New with tags Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Polo

6. All of the pants I have worn to banquet night at YL camp for the past 5 years

5. Harris Tweed blazer (the most recent on the list)

4. A Library of John Steinbeck books

3. Red Patagonia windbreaker pullover

2. Eagle Creek packing folder and cubes

1. Black Velvet, a beautiful black velvet suit, which looks as though it was custom made for me.

Approximate Value: $2500 maybe?

My actual cost: $50

So there you have it there are 10 reasons I shop the thrift stores.

Next time I’ll talk a little about my technique.

Auf Wiedersehen,



~ by katemorgner on February 18, 2010.

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