bangs or no bangs… that is the question!

I am going to get my haircut on monday and I have had this temptation to get bangs. I love these bangs on Reece

What do you think?  Cast a vote- bangs or no bangs by leaving a comment!


~ by katemorgner on March 12, 2010.

10 Responses to “bangs or no bangs… that is the question!”

  1. Kate, I personally think bangs are a little risky. I think you need to find a picture of someone that has hair similar to yours and then see if it looks good, because let’s be honest, nobody’s hair is going to look as good as Reece’s, so it would only be disappointing to base it off of hers… just saying.

  2. I love my bangs so I say YES! Your hair grows so fast that if you do not like them it will not be a big deal.

  3. I say no bangs, but I’ve had the same haircut forever. Just count that as 1/2 a vote :)

  4. bangs (but only for summer!)

  5. bangs. go for it!

  6. this is hard… I really like bangs when I have them so my gut reaction says yes but I thought when you had bangs with your short hair cut (2006ish maybe?) you didn’t like them?

  7. i just got some bangs cut into my hair, and they’re so fun for summer time! and if they’re long enough, you can always pin them back, simple fix =)

  8. ohmygosh! I’ve been having the same conflict as well! did you get bangs? I kind of want to get bangs too – like straight across bangs. AUGH!

  9. Bangs. I love mine!

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