projects I am working on…

#1 terrarium

#2 this cute skirt

#3-window boxes- I want to make window boxes for our condo because I really want to garden but clearly can not in our condo… so this will have to do for now!  I am waiting for flowers to come from the Southern Counties Flower Sale- If you are interested just ask and you can order flowers to support Young Life too!

So many projects… so little time.


~ by katemorgner on April 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “projects I am working on…”

  1. I love that skirt!! i am inspired… probably a “summer” project, but I am going to get it done! and of course, we’ve discussed the terrariums and window boxes. i need to find flowers that can survive no sun, cause my balcony gets very little…

    • I bought stuff for the skirt, finished my terrarium this week and window boxes I bought but I need to wait until later in the spring to plant :)

  2. Thanks for the link to that skirt – I’m totally going to try it this weekend!

    I sent you some snail mail this week (finally! so sorry) so hopefully it will arrive safely :)

    • Katie- good stuff! I did not send yours yet but this weekend I will finish my project for you and get it to you this week!
      I love reading your blog!

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