Hello blog friends- is anyone out there reading this- I actually do this more for myself I think because I don’t know if anyone is reading at any particular time.  I have been thinking about Vision lately. Not in the traditional sense- I try to have vision for lots of things- my life, furniture, diy stuff, my high school friends lives, my next job, starting my own business, my leader lives, and I love thinking about what could be.  My problem is I am a realist (hopefully not debbie downer) but I am always thinking about what REALLY will happen- not the dream.  I wish I could dream just a little bit more than I do.

So I have this problem when it comes to my creative projects too..  Check out this girl Amy’s project at AMY:this and That Would you have ever looked at that desk and thought it had potential?  I struggle with this majorly- but she went for and it turned out amazing!

My husband thinks I should start my own business- so I thought that he was just being nice because he married me and he has to be but I took a personality test and in the consultation they also thought that I should start something.  The other day my friend, Erin, randomly sent me a message saying that I needed to start my own business.  Huh.. Craziness…  I need to see it- I need to have vision and believe in it.

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~ by katemorgner on April 23, 2010.

10 Responses to “Vision”

  1. I’m reading. :-)

    I think vision is largely a matter of practice (in all areas of our life). The more you strive for it, and the more you surround yourself with people of vision, the easier it comes.

    For me, sometimes its not so much vision that gets in the way, but fear. I’ve learned (and am learning!) to give myself permission to just try it!

  2. You’re adorable and I love you :) I know you could start a business if you wanted to! What would the business be? Perhaps if weren’t a lame friend and talked to you more I would know! :(

    I love you!!
    22 days :)

    <3 Jocie

  3. Ok, so I’m looking through your blog and I guess I can see what the business would be that you start. But please, tell me more! :)

  4. P.S. We are going thrift shopping together. Pronto.

    Let’s plan a date the week before the wedding when I will be in DE all by myself (well, not alllll by myself but without Zack b/c we have said we won’t see each other that whole week)!


  5. I read your blog all the time! So you’re definitely not alone =)

  6. I read it often as well! I am with you on the business idea as well!! :) No luck with the lotto yet…lol…so Greenville might have to wait :)

  7. I read it too, Kate! I love following your projects and would frequent your business if you started one! ;-) Much love,

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