Bouquets for an October Wedding

I did my own flowers for my wedding and I loved it!  Most people thought I was crazy and when a lady from my Nanny’s garden club called me “bridezilla” in my own house the day before I got married- I thought I was kinda crazy too- but after the crazy garden club gray hairs left- everything was peachy keen..

I am excited because I have a friend who asked me to do her flowers in October for a wedding. I am hoping that this begins a small side business of doing flowers, decor, and coordinating weddings. I love it!  It lets me be creative and gives me an excuse to look at the wedding blogs and magazines. So I have been looking at bouquets for this upcoming wedding.

She wants gerber daisies in orange and pinks and then other flowers too.

Here are some photos of some pretty bouquets…

I am not sure if these are gerbers in here but I think it would look great with them!

The Bride likes this bouquet but we would need to change the colors and the flowers… so any ideas on that?


~ by katemorgner on May 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Bouquets for an October Wedding”

  1. Kate I have great sites I could give you for flower ideas. Some i use more than others when I do weddings. Do you have a goof wholesaler! I could help you out there too.

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