Up in the air…

I wrote 4 blog posts tonight and saved them all instead of posting them…. because  the bottom line is that I feel all up in the air. My thoughts came pouring out of my head and heart and I rushed to keep my fingers moving fast enough to catch them all, but then I decided that it all sounded like mumbo jumbo.  I have been trying to ground myself because I want to be grounded so badly, but I am up in the air in my life right now–where we live, where I will work, what I will love to do, what ministry I will be involved with, if cici will be our dog… is all up in the air. I want something solid to stand on, but there isn’t anything.  Well there is something solid in this life- one thing but I want something concrete and I don’t have it. It’s just up in the air.  Some day soon or not soon I will know the answers to these trivial questions but until then- you can find me floating…

Care to join me?


~ by katemorgner on May 19, 2010.

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