Garnet Hill

When I was at the gym this week (that’s right- “i be up at the gym, just working on my fitness” & my friend Jess is my witness because she was there too).. I found this awesome home/clothing catalog in the magazine rack. I like to read while I ride the bike because it passes the time more quickly so I took a look at Garnet Hill.  Here is the website :) Such great beautiful natural looking stuff…

These are adorable door mats- I want one but I only have one door and it has a mat :)

Love this shower curtain- Doesn’t it make you want to make a wish and it’s perfect for our new (not-yet-actually-ours) bathroom.

Pretty bedding and quilts- which I am on the hunt for the perfect summer time quilt right now…

I also wish they sold the furniture in the photos- like the awesome dresser/mirror combo above and the bench in the top photo. A little disclaimer- I am not popular enough to have blog sponsor- so I just like this catalog and thought you might too…


~ by katemorgner on May 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Garnet Hill”

  1. Garnet Hill does sell the bench in the above spread ; )

  2. Love that shower curtain. I can’t justify buying it because I have a perfectly good shower curtain, but it’s just so darn cute!

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