Google Reader Love

Happy Monday Morning!  How was your weekend?  I had a dreamy weekend at the beach with friends– we relaxed, talked, ate crabs, had a spontaneous dance party, and played some games… it was sooo nice!

I blame my husband for my slight addiction to blogs because he introduced me to google reader in the fall– but at the same time that I blame him he can also take credit for the “reawakening” of sorts that happened with my creativity.

I could not do it without Google Reader.  I subscribe to all these blogs- much like you would subscribe to a podcast on ITunes (for you music lovers) and then I log in and there they all are for my reading… It’s fabulous and time saving (which I love :)

Click Here for easy directions on how to set this up!

You should set up google reader and if you need some great creative blogs to read, you can refer to my earlier post about my favorite blogs here.


~ by katemorgner on May 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Google Reader Love”

  1. amen… right there with ya Kate! :)

  2. i’m sorry/you’re welcome.

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