Photography of children

I love photography blogs and I love my camera but I really do need to spend some more time on the craft of photography.  My favorite photography blogs are Rae Barnes and Ashley Ann.  My friend Emily Troutmann also does photography in the area and has a great blog here.  You should check these ladies out because they take incredible photos. I wish my photographer for my wedding (John Barone) had a blog because he takes amazing photos.

Meet Adi- She is gorgeous and she was the flower girl in  a wedding that I was recently in.  So I tried out my very amatuer photography skills on her. Here are a few more from the day.

I love how soft this one is.

These 3 feel very secret garden to me.

I love the softness of these two photos and the motion of the hair.

Some photos I took of other children during the wedding

I love this next one because it has 4 Shade women in it.  The grandma is furthest back, Cara’s mom to the left, Jocelyn is on the right- she is the older sister and bride and then Cara. So Sweet.

What do you think?? Should I go into photography or pursue a different passion?


~ by katemorgner on June 4, 2010.

One Response to “Photography of children”

  1. Looking good Kate! I am very impressed! I think you have an eye for it!

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