I have been officially unemployed for 4 days.  So far I have not accomplished any large task.  I am organizing our condo, catching up on my blog reading (I have found lots of inspiring stuff), dreaming up get rich quick schemes, trying to find another one of those j-o-b things, and hanging out with my husband after he gets home from (yawn..) work.

I was looking forward to the day that I could kick back and relax after a long exhausting and wonderful time working for a non-profit called Young Life.  When I got there, it was kinda horrifying… I went to bed on Sunday and thought “I have nothing planned for tomorrow.– weird.”  There are lots of things that I hope to do while unemployed, but its weird to have no one to report to- no official task to accomplish.

1) Relax- something that I have never been really good at.

2) Discover what’s next without pushing it to come before it’s time.

3) See friends & family and get some quality time before my life is consumed by work again

4) Work on my blog and my future etsy shop

5) Get in shape girl!

6) Clean out our crazy condo

7) Get inspired

8) Start reading again

I am sure there are many more things but right now I will leave it to that. I love lists- they help me move on from the stunned state of “what in the heck is going on in my life!”


~ by katemorgner on July 29, 2010.

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