thrify thursday makes a come back- week 2

Hey- what’s more thrifty than trash picking?
It’s costs nothing but your dignity and your reputation… but people know I am poor anyway, so I might as well!

White Adirondack chair with stool

So we were at a graduation party which from my previous post about graduation gifts you know that we went to ALOT of parties.  So we were leaving one and going to another when we passed a house with a SOLD sign and a pod in their driveway.  There were 2 great looking chairs, footstools and a little table- nothing wrong with them.  So I told J. to hold up and we tried to stick them both in our car but it wasn’t happening so we got one and then rushed back for the other- but no luck— some other smart person had snagged it!


~ by katemorgner on August 5, 2010.

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