pumpkin delicious-ness

We had these this morning with my sweet friend Brittany- it was a perfect fall weekend :)Way to go Trader Joes!

I want to make these pumpkin donut holes from The Craving Chronicles.  The pumpkin whoopie pies that I made where so delicious and I recommend the recipe!

I was hoping to make pumpkin scones from Better Homes and Gardens, but I haven’t yet, so I will post that recipe one I do!


~ by katemorgner on October 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “pumpkin delicious-ness”

  1. Kate, enjoying your blog (Susan K. passed it on to me!)….I love this pancake mix! I buy their pumpkin butter & whip it with mascarpone cheese, and use it as a spread on the pancakes. And it’s delicious! Hope you’re doing well, feeling well! So exciting to hear the news!
    Heather Manifold

  2. Kate- love all the pumpkin stuff too! I made the whoopie pies you posted the other day for a wedding shower today and there were a hit- yummy! Thanks. And I just picked up some of this pancake mix, and I got the pumpkin butter too! I wanna check out that scone recipe. Hope you’re well- I was super pumped to see a pic of you on fb with a tiny belly :)

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