fabric, fabric, fabric

Trying to pick out fabric for the baby’s room bedding, pillows and accents. It’s so hard to remain neutral but I am trying.  Here are some that I found so far:

This is my favorite one that I found today but it screams girl…  I need help with the neutral fabrics!

Coordinating/good company to a main fabric that I have yet to find:


four square

cafe dot yellow

roundabout dots

lisa yellow

trees marshmellow

J’s going to say that these are to girly for a boy- tell me your thoughts:

pop daisy

wash day ticking

These are all from heatherbailey.com and Sew Mama Sew.  Anyone have any other good online fabric stores?


~ by katemorgner on November 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “fabric, fabric, fabric”

  1. I think 4 square is my favorite of the gender neutral. I love wash day ticking if you knew it was a girl. I have found some cute girl decorating ideas, not sure if I will ever get to use them!

  2. My faves in descending order are
    1. four square
    2. wash day ticking
    3. pop daisy

    But the latter two are definitely girly :(

  3. hey Kate! I was just browsing on your blog, it’s great! I love the one called ‘pocketbook’ though the name definitely implies girly- it’s very gender neutral and funky, too.
    miss you!

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