wedding bliss.

I did the flowers for my own wedding– well really I should say my mom did them and a lot of other people helped us!  After that experience I figured that I might be able to do some flowers for a wedding when I got the chance… And so last year my friend Lauren asked me about doing her sister’s wedding in Florida. I gladly excepted.  Here is some of the work that I did for the Big Day at the end of October:


Bridesmaid Bouquets


Closeup of the Centerpiece

Sand and Shells at the bottom of the vase

Cake (I didn’t make the cake but I did provide the flowers!)

The Brides Bouquet

I really enjoyed the process- from the planning, ordering, and designing the flowers. I would love to get more opportunities to do this.  So I am going to start doing wedding flowers on the side.  If you know someone who wants to save a little money on flowers or do something a little low budget, please contact me- I would love to help if I can!   I also am planning on doing coordinating weddings with that- day of or beginning to end. Photos of my own flowers coming tomorrow!


~ by katemorgner on November 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “wedding bliss.”

  1. Luckily I am a great assistant.

  2. Oh, and the the flowers were even more beautiful in person.

  3. well well……..I am looking for a flowerist! Wedding Date October 29th 2011! :)

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