documenting a life

I wanted to document our new baby’s life and I was thinking about different ways of doing that, I found some great help on the blog links below.  I decided to go with weekly photo shoots on Saturdays of Barrett- with a white onsie and a block indicting how many weeks he is.  I already missed weeks 2 and 3 but I guess that just shows that being a first time mom is not perfect! I will change up hats, shoes, props, backgrounds to make it a little more interesting.

Young House Love’s documenting a first year of life

Ohdeedoh blog’s monthly photo inspiration

He’s getting so big already!  Do you have a great idea for documenting the life of your child?


~ by katemorgner on March 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “documenting a life”

  1. You could take one of your husbands shirts and every year on his birthday you could have him wear that same shirt for a photo. He will be swimming in it for his first birthday… as he grows the shirt will fit him more.

  2. Very cute. I had good intentions of doing this!
    I love the Young House Love idea!

  3. and yes, he is getting so big!

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