Thrifty Thursday- thrifting

We went to the HUGE indoor Garage Sale at Archmere Academy last weekend.

For $38 we got…

For Kate:

  • 2 JCrew Button Downs
  • 1 Pair of JCrew City Fit Pants
  • 1 Pair of JCrew Jeans
  • 1 Short Sleeved Gap Ruffled Oxford
  • 1 Kenar shirt
  • Nine West Heels
  • 1 wine jar

For J:

  • A Hickey-Freeman Suit
  • Brooks Brothers No- Iron Shirt
  • Brooks Brothers Polo
  • Ralph Lauren Plaid Shirt
  • 2 Pairs of Allen Edmunds of shoes (which we plan on selling on ebay)

For Barrett: 2 Books


Must go to Sales in the Delaware Area:

  • The Whale of a Sale– in the Spring time at the Riverfront benefiting the Junior League
  • The Archmere Garage Sale

Thrift Stores in the Delaware Area to hit for clothing:

  • Tower Hill School Thrift Store: Open on Thursdays 8-3pm during the school year
  • Salvation Army on Market Street downtown

We still haven’t found the “honey hole” of furniture yet in the thrifting here in Delaware but we are working on it!


~ by katemorgner on April 14, 2011.

One Response to “Thrifty Thursday- thrifting”

  1. can you do some of that research for Massachusetts? :)

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