Thrifty Thursday- meat on sale

I went to Food Lion on Saturday and they had a clearance on meat.  When there is an opportunity to get something really cheap- I always stock up.  Money Saving Mom‘s blog has lots of ideas on how to do this on her blog!  For $47 I got the following:

*  2 packages of ground chicken

* 7 packages of chicken breasts (most more than 2 lbs)

* 2 packages of thinly sliced chicken breasts

* 1 package of chicken tenders

* I pork tenderloin

* 2 sour creams

* A large salsa

* 40 tortias (2 packages)

* 2 cream cheese cooking things- They were on sale for 2/$4 and the chicken packages had coupons for $1.50 off so these were 50 cents each.

* a 20 pack of diet coke.

All the chicken was less than $1/lb.  I felt like I robbed the Food Lion and the woman in front of stopped and was in awe that I had got all that- She went back to check on all the meat :)
Happy Thrifting…


~ by katemorgner on May 5, 2011.

One Response to “Thrifty Thursday- meat on sale”

  1. Woah, you should go on TLC’s show about couponing :)

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