Back from the Dead

Hello friends– I have been missing for months because I have been coaching a swim team at Yorklyn pool and then one of my best friends got married and J. was away– so 2 weeks later I am finally recovered from all that!  The weather is beautiful after a long hot summer and I am ready to blog again… When there is no room in your life, there is no room for inspiration. I know why artist take time to sit and be and go to desolate places.  It’s hard to feel inspired when you are busy.  I am trying to make decisions in my life right now that will lead to restoration and peace and inspiration. I want to love the life that I am living and not just “get by”.  I have had to make some hard decisions- turning down jobs, etc.  Leaving me working part time and staying at home with this little man…

Who turned 6 months yesterday! Wow!  I can’t believe it (more on that in another post– yes yes I will be making another post soon!)

I hope someone is still reading this blog :) but if not I will post for myself and the life that I am enjoying!


~ by katemorgner on August 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “Back from the Dead”

  1. He is adorable in that picture!! :)

  2. Kate!!!! SO glad you’re back, and I read your blog and love it. And what a cute picture of Barrett!! :) Love you guys!

  3. I read your blog! :) I actually was wondering when you would post again! My gosh, Barrett is so big! We need to get together sooooon <3

  4. I love this picture…. I put it on my background. You need to let me print some of the others from the beach that day. Mom

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