thrifty thursday:designer jeans edition

So I would love to own designer jeans but I can’t bring myself to spend that much $, so this past week I went to go “shopping” at the Sunday Breakfast Mission thrift store- usually it’s only J. that shops there, but I stopped in on Monday for lunch and a quick look.  On my way out, I spotted these jeans thrown over a rack.  I thought “they look pretty nice”, so I picked them up and sure enough Seven jeans! straight leg, dark washed- looked pretty new.  I would love to know what skinny minny teenager bought seven jeans and then donated them???  I had J. buy them and tried them on at home and they were WAY to small but I did give to them to my sister in law, so I am glad that I could make someone’s designer jeans dream come true for a buck or two.

All this to say, you can get almost anything at a thrift store :)Happy thrifting…


~ by katemorgner on October 20, 2011.

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